After weeks of building and painting and organizing and phone calls and inventory and painting and trips to home depot....and painting...




Apogee Piercing Downtown is OPEN! We can't wait for you to come see all the hard work we have done.


We are located in the heart of Downtown San Diego at 921 E st. a couple doors down from our brother shop Apogee Tattoo Parlour near Pokez and the Library.


The block is on the way up with recent editions as The Rubber Rose and a cool art supply store across the street called Kleen.

If you are downtown be on the look out for some super awesome coupons....


Come see us :))))



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Hello! Fiona Marie here. The past couple months went by so quick! Sorry for my lack of blog posts!! 

I have been soooooo busy with things....lets have an update shall we?

Like always....we have been stocking up on basics & fancy jewelry...

Luis is gone for a couple weeks on an epic trip to Malaysia....

Ronnie is coming back to work with us after a hiatus. So look out for that special dude!

Today at 3pm we picked up the keys for our new Downtown piercing only location, our brand new sister shop: Apogee Piercing Downtown! We are super excited to get to work on it and will be up and running in the next couple weeks. It will be a few doors down from our tattoo shop, Apogee Tattoo Parlour! I will even have my own office! Woohooo!!

Things are going good for us and the sky is the limit! GOGO Team APOGEE! :)

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